I Never Travel Without 1 of These Handy (and Stylish) Totes – All Under $60

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No matter where I travel, I always take one item with me: a tote bag. Whether I’m using it on the plane or daylong excursions, they always come in handy. Sometimes I even pack a smaller one in my suitcase, just in case I need it. They’re versatile enough to fill with all your necessities when you’re on the go or take empty on a shopping trip and fill up with all your new purchases. You get it . . . these bags are a total must have.

Ahead, I curated a list of the best travel options you can shop right now. The best part: all our top picks cost less than $60, that way you can save some money for your trip. They’re even stylish enough to use when you get back home, too. Keep scrolling to shop and find the one your life is missing.

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