22 Photos of Moms Celebrating Their “First Day of Freedom” After Their Kids Go to School

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The first day of a new school year is an exciting time for kids — it’s a fresh start with a new teacher in a new grade, and they get to go back to seeing their friends every day. But saying goodbye to Summer is always a tough one . . . unless you’re the mom of a school-age child, then it’s the most wonderful time of the year (take that, holiday season). From getting your ability to finish a cup of coffee or pee in peace back to being able to finish one coherent thought without being interrupted by a “Moooooooom!,” there are so many reasons to celebrate the first day of school — or as the below mamas like to brand it: “Mom’s First Day of Freedom.”

All of these moms are jumping for joy and sipping their beverages of choice in honor of the first day of the school year, and just seeing their happiness will make you want to scream, “Cheers!” Happy new school year, mamas.

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