Fall Candles That Smell Soft & Cozy (Not Like A PSL Fever Dream)

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Votivo Spiced Chai Candle

Infused with notes of chai spices, pumpkin, vanilla, amber, resin, and sandalwood, reviewers attest that this fall-essential candle is simply, “amazing.” One sensitive-sniffer went so far as to leave the following detailed praise: “When it comes to scented candles, a little can go a long way. It may be that I have a sensitive nose so it is important that a candle complement the mood/atmosphere and not become something distracting. This candle has a lovely and subtle aroma that is relaxing and soothing. I like to use it when I am studying, reading a book, or decompressing after a long week (works even better with a glass of nice red wine). Highly recommended.”

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