Everything to Know About a Wedding Band, and How to Build the Perfect Stack

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After my future husband proposed, I was overwhelmed by the engagement ring alone, but then the questions started coming in: “Can I see your ring? OoOoOoOh, how are you going to choose a band to go with that?” Seriously, it was as if all my friends now spelled “ooh” with 46 Os. How the heck was I going to dream up another ring to complement this forever piece of jewelry? Couldn’t it just be something, um, simple, or — dare I say it — plain? But when I sat down with Susie Saltzman, who got her start in the jewelry industry by accident, after having designed her brother-in-law an engagement ring as a favor, I realized how many options I was facing. Susie’s brand in particular is interesting to me because she takes the time to source her materials through environmentally responsible procedures, and she has strong feelings about what makes the perfect stack.

Yes, Susie specializes in building out a dream Links”>wedding ring set — she herself wears eight to 10 bands at one time on her right hand, and she actually sports her engagement ring all alone on the left. This was just the first thing I noticed about her spectacular attention to detail as a designer. But Susie’s message to me also stuck: your Links”>wedding band can be whatever you want it to be. You can style it however you choose, and even though there are “rules” about ways to wear one, you don’t have to follow them. Susie took the time to recount the usual questions she fields about wedding bands, from details about their cost to engraving options, and she broke it down for me while also sharing some of her own favorite rings to date. Scroll down to brush up on the details and start brewing your own ideas so that when your pals hit you with the “oohs,” you’ll have a little more background on the topic.

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